Well Guys, do you often spend your time at Dairy Queen? Perhaps, visiting Dairy Queen is a nice idea when the summer comes. On a hot day, enjoying the Dairy Queen Blizzard is a heaven. You will be able to taste the soft ice cream melts in your mouth. No doubt, it can chill your day. Besides, Blizzard is not the only favorite menu at Dairy Queen. This restaurant also provides the tasty cheeseburger for the customers. So, you can enjoy the great lunch at Dairy Queen. Even though you often visit the DQ store, you may not know about some fun facts below. Check this out.

  • Fact 1. The history of Blizzard.

All of us know that Blizzard is the most iconic dessert at Dairy Queen. The Blizzard treat was created by one of the Dairy Queen Franchise in 1985. At that time, Dairy Queen can sell for about 100 million Blizzard in a year. Wow, that’s fantastic. Since this invention, Dairy Queen combines some ingredients to create the new taste of Blizzard. For instance, dairy Queen uses fruits, nuts, cookies, and chocolate to create the signature dessert of Dairy Queen soft serve. The customers are also allowed to convey their menu idea. As the example, Chocolate dipped Blizzard is the idea from one of Dairy Queen Customers.

blizzard treat by dairy queen
blizzard treat by dairy queen
  • Fact 2. Dairy Queen does not only serve Dessert.

Once we hear the name Dairy Queen, we must immediately think that DQ only provides the Dairy menu items. But, it is totally wrong. As a fast-food outlet, Dairy Queen also offers the special deals called $5 buck lunch. This package contains DQ Deluxe cheeseburger. Besides, the customers also can choose three Chicken strips and crispy fries. This menu is also served with Dairy Queen Sundae and 21-ounce beverage. When you come to Dairy Queen, you can try this offer.

  • Fact 3. The employee has to create DQ curl on training.

Do you want to be Dairy Queen employee? When you are hired by Dairy Queen, you must join a series of training. During this program, you will learn how to serve the DQ menu and treat the customers. No doubt, one of the lessons that the DQ employees have to master is creating the curl on DQ ice cream cone.

  • Fact 4. Dairy Queen has the Research and Development Department.

You may be amazed by some new menu inventions created by Dairy Queen. For instance, Dairy Queen offers the new dessert called Treatzza Pizza. But, have you noticed that behind this menu creation, there is a hard work of Research and Development staff? The menu ideas can come from everywhere. Sometimes it comes from Dairy Queen employees and even from the customers. This department aims to make all the menu ideas come true.

  • Fact 5. What is the most favorite Blizzard?

We all know that Dairy Queen has the wide variety of Blizzard. Have you what is the most popular Bizzard worldwide? Yips the answer is Oreo Blizzard. Maybe that is also your favorite flavor. All Blizzard with chocolate becomes the fan favorites. Dairy Queen never stops improving and creating the new flavor of Blizzard. Every month, Dairy Queen add the new taste of Blizzard Treat. Sometimes the flavor is only for the limited time. Have you ever tried Guardians of the Galaxy theme for your Blizzard? This flavor is only for the limited time since Dairy Queen has the promotion with Marvel. Furthermore, other favorite seasonal Blizzards are Mint Oreo, Pumpkin Pie, and Candy Cane Chill.

  • Fact 6. The history of Dilly Bar.

This menu is also invented by Dairy Queen Franchise. The employees experiment to create the dessert on a stick. They used a lid filled with Dairy Queen soft serve. Then, they insert a stick on it. they freeze his creation and the last dip it in a chocolate. Finally, they serve this new menu to the fans and name it a Dilly Bar.

  • Fact 7. Dairy Queen has the special store named DQ Grill & Chill.

Dairy Queen Grill & Chill is different from the regular Dairy Queen store. DQ Grill & Chill offers the more variety of food and treat. When you visit DQ Grill & Chill, you can order DQ $5 Buck Lunch Value Meal. This store also serves DQ Bakes menu items. For instance, it provides hot desserts, hot sandwich, and snack melts.

  • Fact 8. Dairy Queen often offers a freebie.

Dairy Queen has an annual program called Free Cone Day. In this day, you will receive a free ice cream cone from DQ. Besides, if you want to get other freebies, you can do these following tips. First, you can sign up DQ Blizzard Fan Club. Then, you will get a Dairy Queen Coupon Buy One Get One free Blizzard. Besides, you will also receive a free treat on your birthday. Furthermore, you also can take part in DQFanFeedback survey. Then, as the reward, you can enjoy the free DQ Dilly Bar.

  • Fact 9. Dairy Queen has DQ chains in 30 countries.

We cannot deny the popularity of Dairy Queen. No doubt, Dairy Queen is available in 30 countries. Then, do you know where the largest Dairy Queen restaurant is? The answer is not in the US. Surprisingly, the largest location is in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Since Saudi Arabia has a dry season, the demand for ice cream is great. It is because people like to enjoy ice cream in a hot season. Besides, the busiest Dairy Queen store is in Charlottetown (Prince Edward Island). Then, the largest location in the US is in Bloomington, Illinois.

  • Fact 10. The purpose of Upside-down Blizzard.

Some employees f dairy Queen will do it for the show. They want to show the thickness of Blizzard. Besides, in some locations, Dairy Queen use it as a promotion. If you find that DQ employee does not turn the Blizzard upside-down, you deserve to receive a free Blizzard. This promotion is available in Canada, Texas, and Louisiana.

Those are 10 facts about Dairy Queen. Which fact do you think as the most surprising? Hopefully, the explanation above is useful to all Dairy Queen Fans.