Hello good people! Who is excited about enjoying their weekend, Raise your hand! Everyone is getting excited about the weekend plans. Because it is the only time to enjoy your time after so much work. But, for some people, they have no idea how to spend it. So, they end up with nothing productive to do. Here we will give you some awesome ideas for your weekend. Perhaps you never have thought about it before. Curious? Let’s check this out!

Who loves to sleep all day long during the weekend? Well, you must stop that habit. It will not be good for your body. But, you don’t want to do other heavy things at the weekend. That is why we share some of the awesome ideas for your weekend plans. Our ideas are simple but still, you can be productive. You still get a few hours to take a nap or enjoy your lazy chair. Here is the list:

  1. Clean Up Your Place

Wait, what? do chores in a weekend? Well, don’t think that it will be pointless. During your busy hours, perhaps you have no time for it. Your weekend is perfect for doing this. You can clean up your room or decorate it. You can follow the DIY tutorial video on Youtube. There is a plenty of video about making your room awesome. indeed, you can cut some grass in your yard. Put some new beautiful plants on it. Beautiful and clean home will make your life healthier. It can give you positive energy as well. So, you will start your Monday with a good mood.

  1. Learn How To Cook

For those who busy with work often buy food in a restaurant. It is because they have no time to cook. Or even they can’t cook at all. Well, it is your perfect time to practice. You can save cost by cooking by yourself. You can use tutorial videos as reference. Take some easy menu to try. Or you can join customer a survey program to get coupon discount. Some fast food restaurants make a survey program. As the reward, they offer you a discount coupon or free menu.

  1. Make Vlog

If you like to do traveling, you can do it for your weekend.  But, to make it beneficial. You can record a video about your traveling. Make it as interesting as possible. You can do some fun editing on it. Upload your video on social media like Youtube or others. If people like it, you can earn money from your video. It is just like some creative people on Youtube today. They earn money from their fun and unique videos.

Perhaps you can make a tutorial video for example. Like tutorial how to win money from the customer survey program. Or how to win free menu in some fast food restaurants. Of course, it is an interesting and unique idea.

  1. Find New Hobbies

Now, you can try to practice your hobbies and you will have fun. But, for some of you, you may get bored as you find no interest in practicing your hobby. Indeed, you don’t have to give up as you just have to take a rest. Here, you can try to find new hobbies that will make you cheer up. For example, you can just start singing some songs with friends, or even just day dreaming about your future. Here, you can try to meet your friends in order to find new hobbies or do those hobbies with your friends.

  1. Go Picnic with Friends

And then, you can also go picnic on somewhere. Indeed, you don’t have to go to some far places as you can have a picnic on your terrace. Of course, you need something such as the camp and so on. If you want to make it more fun, you can start the barbeque with your friends. No doubt, it will be one of your beautiful nights as you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. The star, the moon, the cold, and the laughter of you and friends. Best weekend ever!

  1. Watch Movies

The next, you can also watch some movies whether it is on theatre or even on your laptop. Indeed, it doesn’t matter on the movies that you watch as long as you enjoy it. It can be comedy, horror, action, and even animation. Here, you can stream some movies for free and it will be fun even if you are alone. So that you know, watching movies here can create new experience in your mind. Well, you may never experience that thing as the movies explained, but, you will feel like you have experienced it. Later, when you meet friends, you can recommend some movies to your friends.

  1. Read Novels or Comics

And the last, you can also try to read some of your favorite novels. For the best suggestion, you can try new genres. Or, if you rarely read some books, you may ask your friends who love to read. No doubt, they must have some recommended books for you. And, in case you still find it too hard to read, you can get some comics. No doubt, it will increase your passion in reading. It is because the book has some animation or drawings as the illustrations. For the beginners, you can start reading the comedy ones. Once you enjoy it, you will think like you need to read more and it is good as you can make it to be your new hobby.

So, those are some of the ideas we have. We hope that you like it and can practice it in real life. Well, you don’t need to do all of them in a day. You can arrange a schedule for it. So, you can still have your leisure time. Being lazy during the weekend is normal. Everyone needs it after so many hours working. But, it doesn’t mean you can’t be productive. By doing so, you can increase your life quality. Thank you for reading and enjoy your weekend!