The restaurant is one of the fastest growing business fields today. You can easily find restaurants with different concepts. Of course, before you decide to open a restaurant, look back at your preparation. Preparation before opening a restaurant you must plan carefully. That way you can immediately benefit. Of course, every entrepreneur wants to immediately return their capital when opening a business. A strong commitment to starting a business is your initial capital. Then the intention must be supported by the availability of human resources and funding sources. The critical part of opening a business is a financial problem. If you experience confusion to manage finances, you can take advantage of consulting services.

Your financial consultant can provide advice on investment and setting your business expenses. Furthermore planning to open your restaurant will be neater and ready. The restaurant can last a long time and bring visitors if you have interesting concepts in it. Maybe you can determine the interesting side of your restaurant. If you feel you are still lacking in terms of ideas or capital, you don’t need to worry. You should immediately invite your friends to become business partners. Thus ideas and concepts will be more and more interesting. Then finance to open your restaurant becomes stronger. Next to the division of power you have to think about it from now on. For example, you arrange a letter of agreement about profit sharing or other policies. After you prepare for business capital, see several factors that support the success of your restaurant.

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  1. First, you must determine the concept of your restaurant.

Before you start building a restaurant business, determine the concept of your restaurant. Unique and different restaurant concepts can invite many consumers. Then you need to find references from various sites. There you can take the interesting side of restaurants around the world. If your combination is right, your restaurant will not be empty of visitors. Consult business partners who have opened a restaurant first. Feedback and suggestions can prevent you from making mistakes. Then you can plan your restaurant appropriately. The popular concept is restaurants with casual and casual concepts. But fine dining restaurants remain in the restaurant business and are still popular among businesses.

  1. Second, choose a strategic location.

Next, you need to plan your restaurant construction location. Here you need to consult with your architect. Previously you could survey suitable places to start a business. For example the location in the city center or close to universities and high schools. With a strategic location, you can increase the selling value of food in your restaurant later. In addition to its strategic location, the restaurant business certainly has requirements. The main requirement is about the health of the restaurant environment. You can see the rules regarding the establishment of food processing centers or restaurants. There you can find out the building requirements and the restaurant environment that meets health standards.

  1. Third, find a reliable chef.

In addition to cool and unique eating places, the taste of food also affects the level of consumer visits. So you can plan a food menu with your chef. Then you need to pay attention to the menu that you will sell. Menus that have a high selling value are sourced from delicious flavors. Thus you need to recruit a reliable chef. You can open vacancies by providing certain competency requirements. For example, the chef must have a license for health and cooking skills. Then you can see from the work history. If your chef is experienced, he will more easily adjust to the conditions of your restaurant. Furthermore, your customers will return to the restaurant because of the delicious taste of the cuisine.

  1. Fourth, determine your target customers.

Sales goals are an important component before starting a business. If your target is young people, of course, you need to design a restaurant with a fresh and cool atmosphere. Then if your target is family, then you need to design a restaurant with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Good service can get your customers back to the restaurant. That way you can choose a friendly and polite manner. Furthermore, for high-level economics design your restaurant with a luxurious and beautiful atmosphere.

  1. Fifth, do careful planning about your restaurant.

Everyone has their own way to start a business. One of the critical problems that you need to pay attention to is funds. Limited funds can hinder the construction of your dream restaurant. So you can establish a joint venture with your colleagues. Or maybe you can borrow money in a bank with certain guarantees. Before you make a loan in a bank, you should plan your business well. A business plan can describe your funding needs to make a restaurant. If your calculation is good, you will get a faster profit. Besides that, document preparation must also be considered. Don’t let you be bothered with incomplete documents to apply for a loan. Some plans that you must specify are as follows.

  • Describe your restaurant concept in detail. This is to facilitate the design of the architecture of the restaurant.
  • You need to determine the target customer base. This point is related to the location of your restaurant.
  • Menu and potential prices
  • Strengthen financial resources, such as initial capital. Then estimate the long-term income and the cost of operating the restaurant.
  • Look for marketing information. Innovate to attract more customers.
  • Don’t forget to create an employee recruitment program. Next, you need to design training from your restaurant staff.

6. Sixth, specify an attractive restaurant name.

The first impression is an important point to attract customers. You can make a good first impression with the name of the restaurant. Choose a restaurant name that suits your goals. Then you need to adjust the name to your restaurant concept. Make sure the name is able to represent the character of your restaurant. Thus visitors can immediately understand the concept of the restaurant in the name. The more creative you are, the restaurant name can be more attractive. If you find it difficult, look for inspiration when you are on vacation to another place.

  1. Seventh, complete your restaurant licensing files.

A complete license can convince customers to eat in your restaurant. Before you get a license, health workers will see your production process. Then they will assess the cleanliness of the cooking place and the restaurant environment. If all have fulfilled the requirements, the license will be immediately obtained. Your license can be renewed after a few years. So you need to maintain the quality of food and the health of your restaurant. Because if you don’t have a standard, you can’t get a license. You can search for a license by registering at the Health Service in your country.

Pay attention to the outflow and entry of food. You must apply the FIFO (First In First Out) and FEFO (First Expired First Out) systems. With this system, your restaurant will avoid stale food ingredients. Then good shopping integrity planning can save your expenses efficiently. You need to do the correct storage on your restaurant kitchen refrigerator. You must pay attention to the separation between raw materials and cooked foods. This is to avoid cross-contamination of food. Thus your restaurant can avoid cases of food poisoning.

  1. Eighth, promote your restaurant well.

Then you need to make a promotion to the public about your restaurant. You can use flyers or brochures. At this time information is easy to get. You can use social media to promote your restaurant. Many young people use social media. If your target market is young, then you should promote it through social media. Don’t forget to include an interesting photo menu. Thus you can make visitors curious about your restaurant. Next, you need to provide a quick response to every consumer question and complaint. Response You can determine the level of satisfaction of your customers. Don’t forget to make an interesting program. For example, you give discounts for the first 100 buyers. Thus consumers will be more interested in visiting your restaurant. Besides social media, you can launch restaurants by inviting your friends.

  1. Create an employee portal.

When your restaurant grows well, you need to hire more employees. This way, managing a large number of employees is not easy. So, you need to create an employee website. This website should be accessed easily by all of your workers. Besides, it can serve as an online HR department. As the example, Darden restaurant which has Krowd Darden to manage its employee. When you have an employee portal, your administration and management issue will be controlled easily.

Well guys, the review above is a few tips before you set up a restaurant. You should prepare a strong capital so that your business runs smoothly. Then you must know that in business does not always run smoothly. In the first period, of course, you will lose more often. Because your target is still not familiar with your new restaurant. But you cannot give up. Don’t hesitate to try. Strengthen your intention and commitment to doing business. Thus all obstacles can be easily overcome. Ask for guidance from your colleagues who are experienced in running a restaurant business. You can do monitoring and evaluation regularly. Creative and interesting ideas can make your business easier.