Having a business today is like a dream for everyone. No need to work full time, without a time bound but still produce. To start creating business opportunities, you can start at home. One solution to run the field of agribusiness which attracts too many people. Even you have not a big capital, but this kind of business is easy to manage. Agribusiness does not have to start with a large enough scale. Sometimes the businessman of agribusiness just see the large quantities of product that they sell. But, actually you enough to run a hydroponic system, then the agribusiness effort can already carry out.

Sell Seeds Online

One of the most important things to start a plant business in the agribusiness field is to provide seeds. With superior seeds, this can increase agricultural productivity. You just need to connect with the internet network, so you can freely market the product. In addition, by using the internet, you are free to explore the types of seeding plants that you want to sell. By knowing the types of superior seeds, so, making the seedings will get more attention from plant seed seekers. For those of you who are still hesitant to own your business, you can also become a reseller online stores that are already known to the public.

To Develop Hydroponic Vegetables

As we knot that farming using the hydroponic system has recently received by public attention especially for those who live in urban areas and do not have much land to grow crops. This hydroponic planting system usually uses an organic farming system which means it doesn’t need the pesticides to care for these plants. Now, the demand for organic vegetables is increasing as the community of healthy lifestyle increase. In addition, the development of hydroponic vegetables is fairly easy because it does not require large areas of land and just need a small capital.

Sell Natural Medicine

Besides the hydroponic vegetables, you can also mix with the medical plants. There are many kinds of plants that can be made into natural medicines. The interest in herbal medicine or natural medicines is also increasing, it causes people are well aware of the importance of maintaining health by using organic ingredients. So, you can run this opportunity to do an agribusiness with a smaller scale and can to be bigger if the demand of grows even bigger. Some types of herbal medicines include aloe vera, turmeric, red ginger, galangal, galingale, and many more. Besides it’s easy to planting system, the growing of natural medicines is quite easy.

Planting The Fruits


Besides planting vegetables and herbal medicines, you may also cultivate the fruits. To start this business, you can start by buying the plant seeds that are good but not too expensive. For example, of fruit plants that you can cultivate include sweet orange, dragon fruit, and bananas. At this time, there are many types of fruit plants that you can plant using hydroponic system, so, you can produce  the organic quality fruits.

Decorative Plants

Ornamental plant business from long time ago is still occupied as a producer of considerable profits. For example, one bonsai plant can be valued at tens of millions rupiah depending on the uniqueness of the shape of that bonsai. Although, when the first time this kind of decoration plant appear was not quite get the good respons, but it doesn’t mean that the ornamental plant business has not been sold.

Breeding Of Tree Seeds

Besides you can sell the seed plants, you may also sell the seeds which has been breeded. In Indonesia itself has many kind of plants that can be breed. To starting making a seed breeding business, you can learn first abot what plants that can grow in your area.