Dear all Dollar General customers! You all must know this good news that Dollar General today wants you to take DG Customer First Survey. Here, you will find that completing the survey is easy and as the reward, you can join Dollar General Sweepstakes. What is it? it is the program that will reward you a chance to be the winner of $1,000 cash. Wow! No doubt, it is such a precious prize that will make you happier as you can do anything you want with $1,000 cash. Enjoy the tips!

The Requirements to Take Part in DG Customer First Survey

Before accessing DG Customer First Survey Official Site, it is better to know about the requirements that make you eligible to win Dollar General Survey and Sweepstakes. Take it easy, Dollar General Corporate will never complicate you as they are happy to hear your complaints and feedback. With no talk too much, here some requirements that you need to provide, those are:

DG Customer First Survey
DG Customer First Survey Step by Step is available at
  • About the device

To access the online DG Customer First Survey at Site, you are able to prepare the supported electronic device. Here, you can use the computer, laptop, tablet or even the mobile phone. And, you need to support it with the stable internet connection as well as the latest version of the internet browser.

  • The survey invitation codes

After that, you will need to prepare the valid DG Customer First Survey Invitation Numbers. You will find this code on your Dollar General Coupon Receipt. Then, it will be expired within seven days after the previous shopping. Fellas! You only have one chance to use this code. On the other hand, your receipt cannot be duplicated or transferred to the other DG Customer First Survey Participants.

  • About the participants

All we know that every each DG Customer First Survey Participants are important. You know, their voice will impact on the next Dollar General Customers and lead them to create the new promotions or offers. So that’s why they must meet the qualifications that will make them eligible to enjoy $1000 Dollar General Cash. And, to be eligible on it, you need to be the legal residence of the United States, older than 18, and not the parts of Dollar General Corporate Associates.

  • The experience

For the rest, each of the people who take part in DG Customer First Survey must own the basic experience with Dollar General Store. At least, they have ever visited shopping at one of Dollar General Locations. Also, they must own the basic ability to use English.

What are the Rules in DG Customer First Survey Program?

Well, there are some rules that we need to obey when we take part in DG Customer First Survey or even the other valid customer survey program. Then, here the rules that you have to obey, such as:

  • First of all, we can take the DG Customer First Survey Entry at once in every drawing survey entry. Also, we have to limit one survey in the same household. There are some surveys drawing that you can check at Site.
  • Second of all, we need to complete all questionnaires at DG Customer First Survey Site without leaving any voids.
  • After that, we are obligated to leave the personal information and the complete contact details. For information, Dollar General Corporate will not be responsible if there is a telecommunication problem exist.
  • For the next, when we are the winners in DG Customer First Survey and Sweepstakes, we will receive the message notification via phone. Of course, we need to respond to it as fast as possible. Sometimes, we have only three days to ignore that message.
  • Well, after responding to the message, we need to fill out some winner’s notification form and resend it to the official teams of DG Customer First Survey Program. When we miss this obligation, we may lose the chance to win $1000 Cash.
  • For the rest, the DG Customer First Survey Program will never request the extra payment or transaction on the reward distribution process. So, when we find some people ask it, we can report it as a deception.

The Kinds of Questions in DG Customer First Survey Official Website

Alright, you have to learn the kinds of questionnaires that you need to respond in DG Customer First Survey Official Site. Overall, you will face two kinds of survey questions, and here they are:

  • Close-ended questions

First thing first, you will be closed to give the details feedback. Here, you only need to tap on the scores and measure the statements based on your level of satisfaction. There are some score series that reveal your level of satisfaction.

  • Open-ended questions

Meanwhile, even you face the close style of questionnaires, DG Customer First Survey Official Website gives you the opportunity to share the descriptive feedback. Yes, you can get the series of challenging questions where you need to answer it using words and sentences.

In general, DG Customer First Survey Portal will ask about the general Dollar General Corporate Performance. And, here they are about:

  • The products
  • Price list
  • Services
  • Employees and staffs attitude
  • Reasons for visit
  • The range of shop at DG Stores
  • Locations
  • Store Appearances
  • Likelihood to promote
  • Willingness to come back
  • And, the problems.

Tips to Win DG Customer First SurveySweepstakes Prizes of $1,000 Cash

First of all, you need to know whether Dollar General invites you to complete the Dollar General Survey. And then, you will be able to grab $1,000 cash by following these steps:

  • Step 1:

At the first step, it is important that you access DG Customer First Survey official website. Easily, you just need to have an access to do so like the device, browser, and internet. And then, you can access DG Customer First Survey at

  • Step 2:

And then, you can start to input the details of your current visit to Dollar General stores such as the date, 5 digits Dollar General store number, and  15 digits DG Customer First survey code.

  • Step 3:

And now, you must click the button which says “Start”.

  • Step 4:

The next, you have to give your answers to DG Customer First Survey questions. Well, it is going to take for about three minutes to answer them. But, you don’t have to worry! The questions are easy as they ask your experience during your shopping time at Dollar General store.

  • Step 5:

Now, it is the time for you to submit the DG Customer First Survey form. At this moment, you will get the offer of joining Dollar General Sweepstakes. Of course, if I were you, I will join the program as it can give me $1,000 cash. Don’t you want to be that lucky DG Customer First Survey winner?

  • Step 6:

If you agree to join, you must start filling out your data that the page asked. They are like your phone number, your email, your house address, and your full name.

  • Step 7:

The last, and finally, you will get a notification in case you are one of DG Customer First Survey winners. You can give the fastest respond and claim your rewards.

Another Way to Win $1000 Cash from DG Customer First Survey and Sweepstakes

Do you know? There is another way to take part in DG Customer First Survey and Sweepstakes when you cannot access the internet connection. Yes, you are able to take the offline Dollar General Survey and Sweepstakes. Of course, this kind of survey needs you to follow the same rules and prepare the requirements like as in the online survey entrance. And, here the steps are:

  • Step 1:

In the beginning, you are able to prepare a plain paper with 3 x 5-inch size, an envelope as a printer. To participate in DG Customer First Survey Offline Entrance, you need to send your hand-print reviews.

  • Step 2:

After that, you can start typing down the reviews and feedback based on the previous shopping experiences. Just be sure that you mention all the parts that you have faced. Fellas! You don’t need to put some complaints and suggestions.

  • Step 3:

For the next, you have to put the details personal information and contact details below your feedback. Here, you can mention your date of birth, complete name, email, phone numbers as well as the mail-in address.

  • Step 4:

For the last, you can pack your letter and put it on the envelope. You can visit the nearest post office and send it to 251328, West Bloomfield, MI 48325 Dollar General Survey Sweepstakes.

Let’s be Closer with Dollar General Corporate

We have talked much about DG Customer First Survey. Then, it is the best occasion to be closer to this awesome corporation. If you know, Dollar General becomes the most popular retail store because of its affordable price of products. Indeed, it always offers the various deals and promotions for such products and brands. Today, it has become one of the best and runs for more than 13.000 Dollar General Stores across 45 States of the US. Wonderful!

So, it is all about the simple guides for Dollar General Survey. Enjoy the process and have fun for being the next winner !