It is a pleasant moment when you can receive the free stuff from your favorite restaurant. For instance, you may get a coupon for the free drink or food. Especially, when you may be on the budget. In this condition, you may want to save extra money. So, you will be happy when you can enjoy the free item from the restaurant you visit. In fact, there are two conditions where you can get the freebies from the restaurant. First, you may look for the restaurant coupon. Besides, the restaurant may give you the free drink to apologize for the bad service.

Receiving an Apology Drink

Let’s talk about the second condition. Perhaps, when you visit the certain restaurant, the place is so crowded. So, you may have to wait until you get the place to dine. In this situation, the restaurant may serve you the free drink. It is because the restaurant wants to thank you for being patient on waiting for the table. Besides, you may also get the free drink if you are too long waiting for your order. Maybe, the guests in that restaurant are so crowded. Then, the kitchen cannot serve what you order quickly.

how to get a free drink from a restaurant
how to get a free drink from a restaurant

But, you have to note that you should not request the complimentary drink from any restaurant. for sure, you will not receive anything. Most of the restaurants will not give the free drinks for the complainers. The manager of the restaurant expects the sincere of every guest. So, whenever the guests complain, they really want to solve the problem they face. So, they do not expect any freebies from the restaurant. However, some restaurants offer the freebies as the appreciation for the customers. They usually invite their guests to enter the short survey. Then, they will reward you a free drink coupon. In the next visit, you can redeem this free drink coupon by purchasing another item.

Furthermore, there are other situations that make you get the free drink or other freebies. When you are lucky, you may experience one of these situations.

  1. The waiter of the restaurant clues the cook or chef onto the good guest. Then, the chef will send something to the lucky guest. Usually, the guest can receive a free drink or the appetizer.
  2. The speed of the service of the restaurant is very slow. Then, the restaurant will not want to let you wait for the order. As the apology, the chef may share the appetizer or the free drink. This way, the guest will not get bored in waiting for what they order.
  3. Then, you may receive the wrong order. You can complain about this issue to the waiter. Then, to apologize, the restaurant may serve you the free dish or drink.
  4. The last, you may show your excitement about the restaurant menu. The next, the restaurant may give you another sample of food or drink to taste.

That’s all four situations which let you receive the free dish or drink from the certain restaurant. Most of the situations above occur unintendedly. So, you cannot make effort to be on those situations. Only the lucky restaurant guests can have the experience above.

Best Tips to Earn Free Drink Coupon

Are you still wondering the way to enjoy the free drink? If you never experience the moments mentioned above, you should not be upset. It is because here we present several tips on earning the free drink. Be calm, the tips are so simple to apply. You only need to make a little effort to earn this reward. It is because many restaurants outside there offers the free drink for the guests.

For the restaurant management, offering the free drink is one of the marketing strategies. Each restaurant always wants the repeated guests. It means they expect the guests to return to their restaurant. So, when they give the free drink or other items as the reward, the guests will keep visiting their restaurant. In another occasion, the certain restaurant offers the free stuff to introduce the newest menu. This strategy is proven to be effective to increase the sales. For instance, you can earn the free drink when you buy the new dish. This way, many guests are interested to purchase the promotion menu.

How to Enjoy the Offer of Free Drink

It is easy to find the restaurant that offers the freebies. You just need to access the restaurant official portal. For your information, the large and popular restaurant chains always have the official website. So, you can explore the current offer and deal given by this restaurant. Besides, you also can try the tricks below in order to get the freebies. Check this out and try it soon.

  1. Sign up the restaurant customers club.

Usually, every restaurant creates a fans club for the customers. The restaurant always welcomes every guest who wants to join this club. When you visit the certain restaurant, the waiter or the cashier may invite you to join the club. If you do not get the direct invitation, you can check the receipt. Sometimes, the restaurant prints out the e-club invitation on their receipt. Furthermore, you can check the website to enroll in this club online.

Joining the restaurant club has several benefits. The members will receive the text message or email containing the latest promotion from the restaurant. This way, you will not miss any offer given by the restaurant. Furthermore, the restaurant often gives the special reward for the guest who enrolls in this club for the first time. When you get a coupon from the enrollment program, you can redeem it soon. Usually, you can get a free drink or snack.

  1. Install the restaurant mobile application.

For the customers’ convenience, every restaurant launches the mobile app. Through the mobile app, the guests can explore the restaurant menu. This way, they can decide the dish that they will order. Besides, the restaurant app helps the customers to check the closest restaurant location. Some restaurants offer the online order and the delivery service through its app. In addition, you can check the latest promotion from your favorite store.

Most of the restaurants expect the guests to download its application. No doubt, they offer the reward for installing the application. So, you should not miss this opportunity. It is your chance to enjoy the freebies from the restaurant you like. After downloading and installing the restaurant app, you will get the e-coupon. Then, you can claim the prize by showing this e-coupon to the restaurant’s team members. after that, you will be gladly receiving the freebies.

  1. Sign Up the Reward program.

In order to attract more guests, some restaurants have the loyalty program. If you become the loyalty program member, you will feel the benefits. For example, you can know the promotion and special deals. Besides, you can get a coupon as well. How to earn the restaurant coupon? The mechanism is as the explanation below. First, you must sign up this loyalty or reward program. Then, you have to collect some points by making the transaction on the certain restaurant. The more often you purchase, the more points you will get. When you achieve some points, you can exchange these points with the coupon. Then, you can claim the free drink or other menu items with this coupon. Check out the website of your favorite restaurant. Who knows, they provide this loyalty program for their guests.

  1. Participate in the restaurant guest satisfaction survey.

Offering the guest survey is the way to maintain the customers’ satisfaction. So, most of the restaurants create the online survey to assess the guests’ satisfaction level. One of the fast food restaurants which offer this kind of survey is Sonic Drive-in. The survey from this restaurant is known as Talktosonic. Through Talktosonic survey, you can give the rating for the service given by Sonic Drive-in. Furthermore, you can submit your comments and feedback through Talktosonic. After completing this Sonic survey, you will receive the Sonic coupon code. Then, you can redeem Sonic Route 44 as the survey reward. It is easy to get the free drink from Sonic, isn’t it? To participate in Talktosonic, you must prepare a Sonic receipt. Then, access soon. Try this survey and good luck.