The price of basic necessities that are increasingly expensive and not balanced with our salary. We all know that Rp 100.000 is often not enough to buy a need for one day. So, many people are looking for promos or free shopping coupon. The number of free shopping coupon is nut much. However, at least enough to reduce the amount of spending money per day. So, how do you get a free shopping coupon? Here’s ad easy way to get it.

Search On The Internet

Who would have thought that the internet world often provided free coupon? The certain sites often offer free shopping promos that you can use when shopping for daily necessities. To get the coupon you need and enjoy the coupon as long as the validity period is still active.

Fill In The Survey

Do you like shopping online? Some online shopping sites often offer shopping promos through surveys. You will be asked for some questions. You must answer all of these questions according to the facts. After all, questions have been successfully filled in, the coupon will be automatically sent via email, it’s easy, right? The surveys are conducted by trusted online stores you don’t need to worry about fraud. Because the background of that survey is to find out how far the consumers are satisfied with the service provided by the relevant online store.

Exchange Points

The membership cards for a retail store or online shopping sites can also be used to get free shopping coupon. How to exchange the membership points before the time is expired. There are many kinds of coupon that offered, some are in the form of shopping coupon, pulses, electricity tokens. Or free travel vouchers. If you are a person who likes to shop, make the best use of this membership card.

Take The Advantages Of Credit Cards

Credit card users will no longer be confused about this. Shopping with a credit card turns out to be very profitable. Besides to getting price discount or cashback, credit card users also collect the shopping points. Points collected later can be exchanged for shopping vouchers. Exchange of credit card points with shopping coupons usually applies to store that make cooperation with the certain banks. The higher popularity of the credit card will make the network cooperation wider. Take the advantage of this opportunity as best as possible for shopping vouchers.

Follow The Prizes Quiz

You can try to your luck to follow the prize quiz. This prize that offered is quite interesting. Starting from coupon to household appliances. However, many quizzes with prizes currently being abused by some people are not responsible to get profit. So, before you follow a quiz, you may make sure about who person that make the quiz. There will be a significant difference between the organizers of the original and fake prizes quizzes. So, you need to be more careful before becoming a victim of fraud.

Attend The Seminar

You may also attend the seminar because the seminar organisers often give free vouchers to attract audience interest during the seminar. Even, some seminars often big prize such as a motorbike.