Fellas! Isn’t it awesome if you can win $500 prize from Taco Bell restaurant? Here, you just need to complete TelltheBell survey as well as the Taco Bell sweepstakes. In this case, you all can use your recent Taco Bell receipt. On the receipt, you will find the TelltheBell survey code. Yes, you just have to complete the survey and you will get the chance to win $500 Taco Bell prize. Enjoy your chance!

About TelltheBell Survey and Sweepstakes

You all may find it curious to know more about the program which will reward you $500 cash. You know, TelltheBell is the legal customer or guest satisfaction survey from Taco Bell restaurant. Yes, you can also call it Taco Bell survey that you can enter using your Taco Bell receipt. Here, you need to have the online access because you need to go to TelltheBell.com.

TelltheBell Survey Step by Step
TelltheBell Survey Information is taken from www.Tellthebell.com

At the TelltheBell.com survey form, you need to answer the whole questions. Yes, they are about your overall satisfaction during your dining experience to Taco Bell restaurant. If you have completed the Taco Bell survey, you can join Taco Bell sweepstakes. What is it? Taco Bell sweepstakes is the program that will reward you the chance to win $500 cash. Yes, most people call it as lottery and so on. Of course, the more you join this Taco Bell sweepstakes program, the more you all can win the prize. Are you ready?

Ways to Join TelltheBell Sweepstakes to Win $500 Cash

Indeed, there are a couple of ways to join the TelltheBell sweepstakes. The first one is by online and the second one is by mail. Here they are:

  • Online Taco Bell Sweepstakes

If you want to join the online one, you need to have the internet access such as the electronic device. Also, you will need to have the internet browser and recent Taco Bell receipt. And then, you can go to TelltheBell.com to complete the survey and the sweepstakes program.

  • Offline Taco Bell Sweepstakes

Meanwhile, if you want to join the offline Taco Bell sweepstakes, you can join by mail. Of course, you need the writing utensil, the envelope, and of course the stamp from the post office.

Step by Step to Complete the Online TelltheBell Sweepstakes

  • Step 1: Access TelltheBell Website

First of all, you need to access TelltheBell site that is at www.TelltheBell.com. Yes, you can use the fastest internet browser and connection for the best result.

  • Step 2: Set the Language

And then, you can set the language that you want to use. Mostly, English is acceptable for the participants. But, you can also change it into Spanish or another language provided as there are only three available.

  • Step 3: Enter TelltheBell Survey Code

For the next, you need to enter TelltheBell survey code that is available on your Taco Bell receipt. If you see, your Taco Bell receipt is only valid for once use. Therefore, you need to make sure that it is valid.

  • Step 4: Click “Start”

After that, you can click on the “Start” button to continue the step.

  • Step 5: Answer the Whole Taco Bell Survey Questions

Now, you must find some TelltheBell questions. Yes, your job here is to finish answering all of them and you can submit it.

  • Step 6: Leave Some Taco Bell Feedback

Anyway, you will also get the chance to type in some Taco Bell feedback. If you see, the feedback here will help the Taco Bell restaurant to improve the service for your better experience.

  • Step 7: Join Taco Bell Sweepstakes

For the next, you must get the chance to join TelltheBell sweepstakes. Yes, you can just join the program to win $500 cash.

  • Step 8: Fill Out Your Data

As you participate in the Taco Bell sweepstakes, you need to complete your data. Some of the data which you need is your full name, your address, contact, phone, and so on.

  • Step 9: Submit and Wait for the Announcement

Well, you have completed all the steps and now, you just have to wait for the ending period. Once it comes, you can check TelltheBell.com to see the list of Taco Bell sweepstakes winners. Best of luck to be one of those winners!

Step by Step to Complete the Offline TelltheBell Sweepstakes

Anyway, you can also join the Taco Bell sweepstakes via offline. Yes, here are the steps for you to follow:

  • Step 1: Prepare the Utensil

The utensil is like the post-card, pen, an envelope, and of course, the stamp.

  • Step 2: Write Your Personal Data

And then, you can write your data on that post-card. Yes, you can write your name, contacts, age, birthdate, and home address.

  • Step 3: Send to Taco Bell Sweepstakes Address

After that, you can send it to PO BOX 251328, West Bloomfield. Michigan 48325. It is the official Taco Bell sweepstakes address for you. Of course, you need to make sure that you send the post-card before the period ends. Otherwise, you are late and you cannot win $500 cash.

Contact Taco Bell Team for Help

If you find some troubles, you may feel free to ask for help from the Taco Bell team. Here, there are some ways which you can try. Here you go!

  • Taco Bell Phone Number

Yes, you can feel free to call Taco Bell number that is 1 949 863 4000. But, it is important for you to call in Taco Bell work hours as they are not available for 24 hours to help.

  • Taco Bell Office Address

Of course, you can also write a letter and address it to Taco Bell office. In this case, the address must be Glen Bell Way, Irvine California 92618.

  • Taco Bell Website

Well, you can also visit the Taco Bell website at TacoBell.com. Here, you will get all information about Taco Bell restaurant.

  • Taco Bell Near Me

Or, you can also search Taco Bell near me locations. Simply, you all just get to use your device with the online tool. And then, you can search Taco Bell Near Me to get the Taco Bell stores that you want.

And, it is all about the steps to win $500 cash from Taco Bell survey. Now, you can start using your receipt and access TelltheBell.com. Enjoy the survey sweepstakes and enjoy your Taco Bell sweepstakes prize!